Where to Find Us:

Fred's Liquor
1895 Youngfield St. Unit 2
Golden, CO 80401

(720) 379-7071


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Store Hours

Fred's Liquor is open for business during the following hours:

10 Am to 10 Pm Monday thru Thursday

10 Am to 10 Pm Friday and Saturday

11 Am to 8Pm Sundays

Useful Tips and Information

The world of wine has developed a language of its own to describe the different tastes and varieties. Brush up on your terminology with Wine Tasting 101 from your friends at Fred's Liquor.

Get Social With Us

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Wine Tastings

Fred's Liquor may in the future hosts wine tastings on a regular basis. These events usually take place on the premises. A special License is required for these events.


Coming Summer 2013

Our tasting events are a great way to meet other wine lovers, get to know our assorted wines and learn to discern among the different flavors and regions. We provide cheese, crackers and other food to accompany a wide variety of wines from our shop. Occasionally we also invite special guests to these events.

No experience is necessary to participate in our tasting events, and we encourage you to bring your friends. Regular tastings start at 7 p.m. and end at 9 p.m. The next events are already around the corner:

Date                         Event                                                                
September 12 Wine Tasting: Southern France
October 2 Wine and Dine with vintner Roberto Rossini
November 23 Wine Tasting: California regions